Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two days left for any questions/comments/ ANYTHING LOL!!!

Why are you such a loser?

Because I know who this is and I dont even have to think hard about it...LOL and I guess I was born a loser :P

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hard questions Round Two today??? ;) FYI I was in hot water earlier! Dont go getting me in trouble...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Have you ever cheated on a gf?

Regrettably I have...but you live and you learn

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What are your favorite pair of sneakers?

fav pair of sneakers are def my Bo Jacksons...I love black and grey sneaks and then semi hi-top joints...

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What ex would you want to get with again?

Haha!! Ok so maybe one stupid answer... They have an A in their name ;)

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How many women have you had sexual relations with?

LOL Ok I said tough questions, not stupid answers ;) I'll play the over and under game for you though...under 25 but over 11

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If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would that be?

Hmmmm thats a toughie, I would have to go with seafood gumbo (uuuummmmmm I can taste it already!!)

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What do you love most about women?

I love the 'softness" of a woman, the way women are, the essence of them ya know, the way they smell, act everything

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Why are you so goofy?

LOL I dont know :P i guess it's the way I've always been...

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Where are the hard questions at??? 0_o

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself "How do I want to be remembered?" What was the answer?

I actually have had plenty of funerals to ponder that at this year...and my answer would be as a good person. I would like to think that i treated everyone the way I would have wanted to be treated, with respect.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

If you had to choose one person to be other than yourself, who would you want to be? and why? (people who are alive only)

IF I had to be another person besides myself it would Carlos Santana. No one can recreate the feeling he puts into his guitar playing...oh and did I mention playing the guitar is his job. I would KILL for that!!

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What's your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to see my family establish REAL wealth so my kids and their kids and their kids can be set...oh and play the Purple Rain solo all the way through :D lol

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What's the worst thing you've done to an ex?

Worst thing I've ever done to an ex is get with her friend...dont feel too good about that but fuck it, I was young and it ended up turning out for the best ;)

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What type of car do you want next?

I always wanted a truck, especially after all this snow, I think Ima get my kitted out Chevy Silverado (black of course)...

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What is the most romantic thing you have done for a lady?

Wow! Everyone that knows me knows I am a really affectionate guy with the women I talk to...But I would have to say the MOST romantic thing I ever did for a girl was to buy like a 3ft tall Valentine's day card for her, and I also got her some shoes ;) I had spent like a week making a "baby-making music" cd and we had dinner and then you fill in the rest...LOL But it wasnt all of that stuff that made it romantic, it was the fact we spent all day together, and the whole time we just had fun with no pretenses...

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