Tuesday, February 24, 2009

X.O. realmatic Listening Party March 10th!!

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“X.O. Prepares for Major Release of Realmatic Project”

Another Shining Moment for Hip Hop in D.C.

WASHINGTON, DC – March 10, 2008 – Rising hip hop star X.O. is prepping for his groundbreaking entrance into the mainstream music scene. His fifth project, titled “Realmatic”, will be digitally released on March 11. Fans will have a chance to experience the project at a release party hosted at the Major Store, 1426 WISCONSIN AVE. NW WASHINGTON, DC 20007, on March 10.

X.O. continues to earn recognition from major D.C. artists. In a recent interview with hiphopgame.com: What artists in D.C. should fans be looking for? "Southeast Slim and X.O. Yeah. Southeast Slim, X.O., U.C.B...., I know I'm missing some people. There's a lot of people. There's a lot of great artists coming from this area. And definitely Tabi. Don't forget Tabi." says Wale (Allido/Interscope).

X.O. has been creating a buzz for himself since the release of his third project “The Takeover 2”, which received over 2,000 digital downloads. Here is a sample of some of his media reviews:

• “Washington Post Express”: The rhyme-slinger is determined to expose all dimensions of himself as a rapper — and as a person.

• “Washington City Paper”: A self described ’De La Wu/Tupac Pun,’ [X.O.’s] a witty, innovative lyricist who puts the D.C. street life in a unique perspective that has rarely been captured in hip-hop prose. … This is the work of a rising star putting his street experiences into a transformative experience.

Released on March, 11, 2009, “Realmatic” will be available for download at http://www.xoupt.blogspot.com and www.myspace.com/xouptown.


OTB Management Group located in N.W. Washington, D.C., represents the artist X.O. Please send all correspondence to otbmgmt@gmail.com or for further information about OTB and X.O. visit http://otbmgmt.blogspot.com.


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