Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Say NO to H.R. Bill 848

Ok, so I rarely actually submit text to the people. I like showing content more than opinions, but this one has called the attention for words. There is a new proposed bill H.R. 848 that will basically tax radio stations and have them pay royalties to play ANY music. Sounds like not such a big deal right? Think about it! Most indie radio stations and privately owned stations will fall peril to this type of government proposed extortion. Indie artists that means you will NEVER have a chance for your music to be played on broadcast. They are trying to slowly take away free artistic expression. I mean I know the internet is making these institutions suffer, but this is NOT the way about trying to restore a system that is run by dinosaurs that refused to see the around the curve of technology.

Here is the bill proposal:

Write to the sponsor of the bill John Conyers at: Tell him NO to H.R.848!!

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